Feed Supplements

Bouchard Livestock International is Western Canada's Sho Flow with LOX (Liquid Oxy-Gen) sales representatives. Sho Flow is natural and drug-free feed additive. It is a soybean oil product that is not chemically extracted from the seed, thus not producing any problems associated with chemical interference. When following the feeding directions, each animal will get the required amount of Oxy-Gen with each feeding. Sho Flow helps get your animals into top show or sale condition. It does not contain high levels of vitamins and/or minerals. Therefore, Sho Flow with LOX will not interfere or tie up important nutrients in the diet that are being supplied from your high quality feed being fed to your animal. Feed to horses, swine, cattle, sheep, and goats, as well as other ruminants.

This new product has the same great formula as before, but is now more concentrated and will give you that winning edge in the show or sale ring. It contains the technology of tasco which lowers the internal body temperature of the animal. This keeps the animal cooler and leads to better hair growth. SHAG is a complete supplement for cattle developed with Kirk Stierwalt that is formulated to create luxurious hair coats. SHAG blends the original Oxy-Gen formula with an intense vitamin / mineral package and a unique catalyst to encourage the production of melatonin for improved hair growth. It also contains complex additives for joint soundness, as well as Biotin to promote bone and hoof growth along with human grade electrolytes and probiotics. This unique formula also contains Yucca Plant, a proven odor reducer to keep stalls fresher. Shag promotes luxurious hair coats, improved muscling, stamina, and overall sound health.
There are numerous probiotic pastes on the market, but there is only one that the Champion performers count on for peak performance. Oxy-Boost Plus!™ is a gelatinized probiotic paste designed specifically for the demanding needs of show animals. Just one 10cc application contains electrolytes, lactobacillus, and other probiotics, as well as a special flavoring agent your livestock will love. Plus, Oxy-Boost Plus!™ for livestock also contains what the others don't—the original Oxy-Gen® formula, the winning edge that the Champion competitors have counted on for years!

The original Oxy-Gen® formula will give your livestock a boost when you need it most, making your livestock fresh, relaxed, and hydrated before entering the show ring. This blend of electrolytes, probiotics, and the original Oxy-Gen® formula is excellent for use before a show or when your livestock is under stress such as hauling or new water, and is especially good for young stock and dehydrated animals. Use one to two hours before peak performance is desired.
Oxy-Gen® is proud to introduce the first performance supplement designed just for heifers and breeding cows. Femininity™ is designed to enhance the feminine qualities in your cattle, and delivers a more narrow front end, a clean neckline, and the strong triangular conformation you know the judges are looking for. Femininity™ was developed in conjunction with Ken Savell, a man well-known and respected throughout the cattle industry, and Ken has been getting excellent results feeding Femininity™. Here's some of what Ken had to say about this remarkable new supplement:

"Femininity™ is getting excellent results for us, and we have really enjoyed watching the changes in this heifer. One gentleman came up to be today and said that she looks "aerodynamically designed." She has a strong triangular look, and we've seen her front thinning down and some fat burning in the next area, and just a better overall condition in the heifer.

She isn't carrying near the amount of fat she had just three weeks ago. She is definitely a much-improved animal. She is now something we can breed much easier, and we think she is getting around the show ring a whole lot better because she's not carrying that excess fat she used to have. We have not seen any real weight loss, but we have seen much better structure, as far as muscle development and the amount of fat that she is carrying."

Femininity™ can help you build better heifers and breeding cows, too!