Company Profile

We have a broad base of livestock experience and expertise including purebred and commercial cattle production, feedlot management and commercial cattle order buying involving many breeds of beef cattle in the areas of production and marketing. We are a diverse company offering our customers quality livestock marketing and management services internationally and domestically. Our office is located in Crossfield, Alberta, Canada, and just 25 minutes north of the Calgary International Airport.

We offer complete import and export services for livestock genetic products including live cattle, frozen embryos and semen. All the genetics we market meet the high health standards and regulations as outlined by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which are of the highest recognized standards in the world. Government approved quarantine and health testing services are available for cattle as well as other livestock species. Bouchard Livestock International is a member of the Canadian Beef Breeds Council, which serves as a unified voice to government for the many facets of the agriculture industry. Bouchard Livestock International can source genetics for specific environmental conditions backed with the knowledge of livestock management practices worldwide. Our export services include health testing, documentation, shipping coordination, and insurance enabling us to provide a complete package for your project needs.

Our company works closely with Canadian beef producers, Canadian beef breed associations and national livestock exhibitions to promote and market Canadian livestock genetics at home and around the world. Bouchard Livestock International offers elite beef genetics to producers through our annual "Genetics To Make A Difference" semen and embryo catalogue featuring key sires and quality females that work for the industry today and tomorrow.

Bouchard Livestock International manages a fully licensed and export approved semen and embryo storage and shipping facility allowing us to store, import and export genetics. This allows us to better serve our customers' needs as they develop and improve their breeding programs.

Sale management and sale consulting is a growing part of Bouchard Livestock International's business. We currently manage purebred Simmental sales, in addition to working with many other breeders in a consulting capacity at their sale events. The opportunity to utilize our experience and knowledge in assisting beef producers to market their livestock is something we take pride in.

Look to BOUCHARD LIVESTOCK INTERNATIONAL to provide the following services...

• Management and consulting services for purebred beef cattle sales
• Fully licensed and export approved semen storage and shipping
• Complete export services for semen, embryos and live animals
• Access to genetics from all cattle breeds available in North America
• Beef semen export bull battery of all beef breeds
• Beef embryo inventory qualified for export
• Coordination and selection of planned embryo matings
• Organization of tours for specific livestock breeding programs
• Selection of live animals for international clients


• Domestic bull battery consisting of primarily Simmental sires – Fullblood, Fleckvieh, Red, Black • International bull battery with exportable semen from a wide variety of beef breeds
• Inventory of EEC qualified beef semen
• Sourcing of semen for specific genetic inquiries
• Representation of many global semen production units internationally
• Access to exportable dairy semen, including EEC qualified inventory
• Export documentation and shipping services available for private semen sales


• Inventory of beef embryos available domestically or for export
• Coordination and selection of specific embryo matings for export throughout the world
• Sourcing of embryos from all cattle breeds available in North America
• Selection of beef donor cows for specific embryo requirements
• Export documentation and shipping services available for private embryo sales


• Complete selection and purchasing services for live cattle – beef and dairy
• Access to cattle of all breeds available throughout North America
• Organization and coordination of selections for foreign buyers
• Government approved quarantine facilities available for all types of animals
• Health testing, documentation and coordination of live animal shipments
• Coordination of freight and handling
• Management, nutrition and breeding consulting services for foreign buyers
• Access to some of the world's finest work and pleasure horses available in North America
• Access to some of the most highly productive and selected swine in the world
• Complete transportation services available by ground, air and water